Can be adapted to individual student class schedules and reforms in relation to the college entrance examination
The ROOMIS electronic tablet can be used to track attendance and individual student class schedules. ROOMIS provides individualized information to fit the unique circumstances of each school. Students and teachers can conveniently access class related information
Helps schools to better protect students
ROOMIS can provide school arrival and departure notifications; notifications regarding emergency situations; and reduce the possibility of harmful incidents. Parents and guardians can feel at ease, knowing they are well informed about their child’s safety
Assists primary and secondary school management
Through the use of several platforms, ROOMIS can effectively utilize space and reduce management costs. ROOMIS uses a “CPF” Tracking System design. Based on the needs of each individual school, ROOMIS can provide individualized services. ROOMIS provides complete operation records and reports for administrators to review at their own convenience
Supports primary and secondary school policy analysis
The ROOMIS cloud is backed by high level technology. Through data and statistics visualization, users can see space usage, attendance conditions, etc. The use of these statistics can help you make arrangements and adjustments
Provides a system for home to school intercommunication
Through ROOMIS students are able to connect to their parents via WeChat. ROOMIS can provide a more comfortable on-campus experience for students, and promote parent-school intercommunication
Emergency Calling Function
In emergency situations, nearby help can be called through the ROOMIS emergency call function. ROOMIS can help care for students, making school campuses even safer
ROOMIS 10 Specs
Size 10-inch LED backlit panel
Resolution 1280 x 800
Operating system Android 5.0
Digital Input / Output 2 x DI, 2 x DO, One can output 12V 1A to push the electric lock
NFC Compliance with ISO 18092 international standard (Reader / writer) EMCA-340 standard ETSI TS 102 190 standard
Camera 500 million pixels viewing angle of 88 degrees front camera
Wall mode VESA Mount (75 x 75mm), dedicated wall hanging frame
Size appearance Length260 x Height190 x Thickness28mm Aluminum Frame
WaterProof IP54 Front side waterproof